Web Development

This course covers training in designing and creating Internet pages, arranging the contents of the page, organizing and showing it in a coordinated and attractive way, and adding more dynamic elements to the Internet pages.


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This course covers training on HTML, which is a language used in the design and develops Internet pages, then it is necessary to learn CSS to arrange the contents of the page, organize it and show it in a coordinated and attractive ... Then you will learn javascript, which is a programming language to show and add interactivity to web pages. This course covers the following topics:
• html5
• Css3
• JavaScript


Course Content

1)    HTML 5

  1.      Introduction to HTML5
  2.      HTML Basic Elements
  3.      HTML Styles and Formatting
  4.      Links, Images, Lists and Tables
  5.      HTML Forms
  6.      New Structure Tags (Section, Nav, Article, Aside, Header and Footer)
  7.      Designing a HTML Structure of Page
  8.      HTML Graphics and Media

2)    CSS3

  1.      Introduction to CSS 3
  2.      CSS Syntax
  3.      CSS Selectors
  4.      Font Formatting
  5.      Colors, Backgrounds and Borders
  6.      Margins and Padding
  7.      CSS Box Model and Float
  8.      Pseudo-class and Pseudo-elements
  9.      CSS Navigation Bar and Dropdowns
  10. Website Layout     

3)    Java Script

  1.      Introduction to Java Script
  2.      JavaScript Types
  3.      Variables and Operators
  4.      Conditions Statements
  5.      Java Script Loops
  6.      JS Popup Boxes
  7.      JS Events
  8.      Arrays
  9.      JS Objects and Functions
  10. Validation of Forms