Managerial Training

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Administrative Leadership

Develop participants' knowledge and skills to gain effective command skills.

Administrative Skills Development

Develop participants' capabilities in management and decision-making, and the course will focus on communication, planning, control and motivation skills, and decision-making models and steps.

Advanced Management

Developing participants' knowledge and skills to master advanced management skills efficiently.

Building Job Affiliation And Job Loyalty To The Organization

Providing participants with the skills necessary to overcome obstacles to achieving job satisfaction and increase institutional loyalty

Certified Digital Marketing Professional (CDMP9)

Get in the game and become an in-demand Certified Digital Marketing Professional by understanding the fundamentals of digital marketing and gaining an understanding of the key digital specialisms, from mobile and social media marketing to email, YouTube & display advertising, PPC and SEO.
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Communication Skills

Providing participants with knowledge and skills that enable them to exercise administrative ommunication in the work environment efficiently.