About us


Al Faisal International Academy is a member of the Al Faisal International Academy Training Institutes Company specializing in English language, Information and Communication Technology and Management Training. It is considered one of the main education and training centers Kingdom wide as it has trained more than 41.000 trainees since its establishment in 2001.

The Vision of ALFAC:

ALFAC is dedicated to be the pioneer of education and training industry on national, regional and Arab levels. ALFAC continually aspires to be the first resort for customers looking for an Arab institution that is home of experts and expertise specialized in the domain of education and training.

The Mission of ALFAC:

ALFAC pursues distant shores in developing the workforce from diverse sectors in Saudi, Gulf and Arab society. ALFAC provides best services in the realm of education and training with state-of-the-art tools and methods from science and technology that come into line with the highest levels of quality, professionalism and competence in accordance with Integrated Solutions approach where customers’ needs are met and their priorities are rendered of prime importance.

The Fastest Developing Company Of The Year 2011 Award Won In a Competitive Forum Held In Riyadh
Congress Award from the Asian Supreme Council for Human Resources Development - 2009
Quality In Training Award For The Year 2009 Issued By The Gartner Int’l Organization
Riyadh Chamber Of Commerce Award For Community Service For The Year 2007
The Best Cisco Local Academy Award In The Year 2007 In The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia
Profit Wise Of The Netherlands Leadership Award In The Yeas 2006 For The C.E.O
Pioneers In Information Technology Award For The Year 2005 By The I.C.D.L Organization
ITP Best Technology User Award For The Year 2004 In Saudi Arabia
Microsoft Award For The Best Information Technology User In The Year 2003