Total Quality Management TQM

Developing participants' knowledge and skills in using operations efficiently and rationalizing expenses.


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At the end of the program, the participant is expected to know:
Objectives and means.
1- Diagnose the current status of the work system and the flow of operations in the organization.
2- Does it achieve goals?
3- Is it using the means and resources efficiently?
4- Measures of efficiency of work systems.
5- Map operations
6- Flow chart and relationships between operations.
7- Discover weaknesses and strengths.
8- What policies cause design flaws?
9- Prevention and treatment methods.
10- Moving towards change.
11- Re-engineering work systems and designing processes.
12- New principles of process design.
13- Moving from old design to new design
14-Implementing the new design and measuring its results.
15- Benefit from feedback in redesign.
16- Applications and practical cases in re-engineering operations.
The course is accredited by the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation with accreditation number 196536137