Public Relationship

Developing participants' knowledge and skills to do proficiency in public relations skills.


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At the end of the program, the participant will be able to:
1. Understand the importance, importance and goals of public relations
2. Knowing the types of public relations
3. Knowledge of the main public relations tasks
4. Implementing public relations tasks
5. Understand the effective communication process and its various dimensions
6. Achieving an effective communication process
7. Know how to plan, implement and evaluate relationship programs
8. Knowledge of how to carry out internal and external coordination work and tasks.
9. Knowing the most important obstacles and challenges facing managing public relations activities and how to deal with them.
10. Know the concept, importance and goals of public relations activities.
11. Knowledge of the foundations, components and requirements of planning for public relations activities.
12. Know the stages and steps for planning public relations activities.
13. Knowing how to plan relations programs and activities and their implementation and evaluation mechanisms
14. Know how to organize public relations activities
15. Knowledge of recent trends in managing public relations activities and how to apply them.
The course is accredited by the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation with accreditation number 196539714