Microsoft Visio

Course Objectives This course will provide an opportunity to use and create charts with built-in smart shapes and patterns. The trainee will obtain information about how to create objects on his own, using drawing and organizing tools, and will be able to create graphs using external data.

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Network engineers
Software analysts
Anyone who wants to clarify their ideas into illustrations such as teachers and data analysts

Microsoft Office

Introduction to Microsoft Visio
Microsoft Visio is one of the most popular diagramming software that empowers diagramming, data visualization, and process modelling in a familiar interface. Visio comes with an array of templates and built-in shapes that allow creating virtually any diagram of any complexity. Visio also allows users to define their own shapes and import them into the drawing.
Visio has been more of an enterprise-class software as home users rarely would need to use the advanced diagramming functions in Visio. However, many home users are purchasing the Standard edition of Visio to better visualize simple diagrams such as family trees or floor layout plans.
Visio owes its success in the enterprise due to its tight integration with other Microsoft Office products such as Word, Excel, and Access. Data can be directly imported from these softwares and converted into meaningful diagrams, which change in real-time in accordance with the data. For example, an Excel spreadsheet might have information about current flows through an electrical line. Visio can be used to diagrammatically represent this and whenever the Excel data gets updated, the same will be reflected in the Visio diagram as well.
Newer versions of Visio from Visio 2013 onwards support .vsdx format that allows enhanced compression and many other features compared to the older .vsd format supported by Visio 2010 and earlier versions. Visio can be purchased standalone in two versions — a Standard version, which retails for $299, and a Professional version, which retails for $589.99. The latest version of Visio can also be purchased as part of the Office 365 subscription with access to the online Visio viewer as well. Getting Visio as part of Office 365 is the best choice in order to keep up-to-date with the latest features and enhancements.



Course Outline
Using built-in smart shapes and patterns
Use the Visio features to arrange chart objects
Work with Visio with external data technology
Measure the chart to the desired level of accuracy
Create simple flowcharts to describe the operations
Create job diagrams describing operations and assigning job responsibilities
Create an organizational structure (including automatically)
Create a Gantt chart, perform export, and import operations with it
Create and import a schedule from Microsoft Project
Create maps and floor plans on the correct scale
Create reports based on schematic diagram data and current reports in tabular form
Figures data numbers in the form of indicators with a legend
Renew a group of Visio numbers with their numbers