Electronic tables (Excel)

The e-Schedules program is an action-specific desktop program And apply calculations by cells Its contents are automatically read electronically as soon as you click them.

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SAR 1,840.00 incl tax
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Provide the trainee with the skills and experience to learn how to create e-tables easily . Learn how to perform calculations on tables, learn how to work with previously created tables, modify them, and fully understand the program, which allows you to perform your own arithmetic table.


2. Run the program and editing the worksheet.
3. customizing home screen
4. Type and modify text, numbers, dates, and text.
5. Format the table and its text.
6. Move and Copy cells on the worksheet.
7. Save, close, Open, and Open more than one file at a time.
8. Scan, Toolbars, and Freeze panels.
9. Insert and Delete rows, Columns, adjust Width, and Height.
10. Automatic fill of formatting, contents, numbers, and date.
11. Search, replace, and Go to.
12. Worksheet commands such as Rename, Insert, Delete, Copy, move, and View.
13. Apply calculations to cells.
14. Apply mathematical functions.
15. Learn about rational, absolute, and mixed references.
16. Calculate percentages, Sort cells, and View formulas.
17. Format cells.
18. Insert and format the layout.
19. Work with data from more than one source.
20. Set up and adjust page properties.
21. Print and Program Options.