Computer and IT (Major Computer Networks)

This program aim is to provide the trainee with skills And information needed to work on computer networks


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To meet the requirements of development projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,  and open up broad areas for high school graduates to possess technical expertise and practical applications, allowing them to compete in the job market efficiently and effectively and raise the level of Saudi youth efficiency in their jobs to serve the purposes of economic development, by relying on the latest world laboratories and scientific techniques in training.

The trainee will learn;

• Assembling the computer.
• work on designing computer networks.
• preparation of a plan of action for the implementation of a computer network.
• Monitor the performance of a computer network.
• Technical support in the work related to the computer network.
• specialized terminology related to computer networks.


level one

English language 1
Vocational Guidance & Excellence
Introduction to Computer Applications
Computer assembly and operating
Network Fundamentals

Second Level
Technical Writing
English language 2
Advanced computer applications
Operating Systems 1
Routing and switching 1

Third level
Islamic studies
English language 3
Operating systems 2
Introduction to Network Security
Routing and switching 1
Selected topics

Fourth level
Learning Skills
Professional Ethics & Comm. Skills
English language 4
Advanced network security
Preparation for Professional Certificates
Connecting networks