Power BI

Extensive training in using Microsoft Power BI to import and analyze data and create charts and graphs with hands-on exercises for real-life case studies

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This course is suitable for beginners in Power BI. We have focused on providing the trainee with the basics to work with Power BI effectively.

This training course will help the trainee quickly learn and work with Power BI. The course starts from the basics to an advanced level. This gives the trainee a strong foundation to become an expert in Power BI

The following will be trained:

- Learn about Power BI

- Introduction to Power BI for desktop versions

- Introduction to Query Editor

- Working with data models and displaying relationships

- Work with reports to display results

- Power BI services


Understand data flow using Power BI, from connecting to different data sources, importing it into Power BI, transforming the data and then displaying it effectively

Learn how to use Power BI Desktop, the Power BI Query Editor, and the Power BI Service

Learn how to create relationships between related data sources

Learn how to create reports with different types of groupings and filters

Learn about the different types of visualizations possible in Power BI and how to use them

Learn how to create interactive dashboards using navigation and relative date filters

Learn how to publish dashboards on the web and mobile app

Learn how to use custom themes and visualizations

Learn about DAX and how to use it to build metrics

Learn how to work with Excel and Power BI to create a dynamic and effective business solution.