For the First Time AETG Acquires Alinma Education Fund

Monday, January 13, 2020

The Arabian Education and Training Group (AETG) has acquired Alinma Education Fund. The acquisition was signed by both Mr. Mazin Fawaz Baghdadi, the CEO of Alinma Investment, and the AETG CEO, Dr. Bader bin Nasser Al Aliwi in the presence of the AETG Chairman, Dr. Ahmed bin Abdul Rahman Altaweel,Consequently, (AETG) acquires the entire Alinma Education Fund. In turn, the CEO of Alinma Investment stated: “The acquisition is a paradigm shift for the education market, indicating the speed of growth in this sector in which Alinma Investment and (AETG) allied in this fund. As AETG had already achieved rewarding returns, it was an incentive and encouragement to fully acquire the fund and develop its products. And we are also actively seeking to open up wider opportunities with (AETG) in the future.”
While the AETG CEO, Dr. Badr Al-Alaiwi, expressed his pride in this acquisition, which indicates the strength of (AETG) in the education and training market, enhances its leadership role in that field, and opens a wide-scale investment in education and training that was recently approved by the (AETG) board of directors in an effort to serve the goals of Saudi 2030 vision for a promising future. It is noteworthy that Alinma Education Fund includes among its schools Almanahij Private Schools and Amjad Qurtoba National Schools.

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