Intensive conversation - On Line

covers the skill of conversation


Date Location Price Book
SAR 920.00 incl tax
+ -
SAR 920.00 incl tax
+ -


Conversational skill is extensively trained, with training taking place at a rate of four hours a day, for two weeks

The trainee must pass at least the second level in the placement test


some basic grammer


Attendance, Lateness, and Excuses policies: 

● Attendance and Lateness are calculated in hours, not minutes. 

● If a trainee leaves the academy, she will not be allowed to return. 

● Arriving 15 minutes late to the class is not permitted. 

● The trainee is not allowed to leave before the end of the official time except in an emergency and with prior given permission from the trainees' affairs or the attendance hours will be deducted. 

● If a trainee fails to attend 10% of intense language courses for 80 hours; two days without excuse, and more than four days with excuse, she will not be allowed to take the final test.

● The excuses should be submitted two days before the program ends (before the final test). 

● An official excuse is necessary if the trainee is absent on test or presentation days. The test will be retaken on certain dates to be decided by the academy. 

● If the trainee fails to show up for the retest on the scheduled day, a fee of 200 SR must be paid within six months.