Electronic archiving

Provide participants with the knowledge and skills that help them understand and apply e-archiving efficiently

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This portfolio focused on developing the knowledge and skills of the trainee in this e-archive program, and its content is discussed, presented and contains topics easilyy related to e-archiving according to the main program objectives, which the trainer wanted to adapt accordingly in a format that addresses the definition of e-archiving, its objectives and its fundamentals , as well as its types and systems 


importance of e-archiving
• the objectives of electronic archiving
• the basics of technical organization of papers and documents
• reasons for the need for electronic archiving
• the characteristics and capabilities of electronic archiveers
• Electronic archiving systems and types
• Standards for the use of electronic archiving software
• identify the requirements for electronic archiving
• stages of electronic archiving
• Tools, hardware, and software help with electronic archiving.