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• This course introduces the basic concepts of using, operating and configuring network devices. In this course,
 the trainee is trained on operating wave routers and dealing with them through theoretical information and practical
training on wave devices and how to use them in network design.

This course also provides the basic skills necessary for the use, operation and configuration of network devices.
 In this course, training is provided on the use of wide network technologies and devices that are connected to
them and to deal
 with them through theoretical information and practical training.


• Network mechanism, major network components, network component function, and OSI system
• use the Host-to-Host process to transfer data packets
• reasons for LAN configuration and methods used with emphasis on RF technology
* explain the function of the router, the reasons for its use, and a mechanism how its work>
• describe the function of the WAN, its most important component, and make the PPP, PAT, RIP settings
• use the command interface to detect network components and control packet routing
• build a small local network using switches supported by the ideas of Vans and Spanning Tree
• Setup, Install, and resolve OSPF and EIGRP issues
• Working on IPv6 settings and WAN technology settings

• Providing the trainee with basic skills for using and dealing with the routers and preparing them 
for the basic preparation for operation.
• Providing the trainee with the basic skills to deal with the technologies of wide networks and
 the devices that work with them and how to configure them in the basic configuration for operation.
• Training on the ICND2 CCNA Part Two Certification Exam