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Computer Networking Diploma

Program Description

The program is designed to match national job market requirements; expressed by the national professional standards set for computer female networking technicians.

Training for the program involves general English language skills, mathematics, basic methods for human communications, and interaction others.

Further, training covers basic skills required for computers and operating systems; in addition to the specialized skills required in the fields of computer networking; including establishing wide-area networks, beside switching & routing technologies, building local area networks and wide networks. Further the program touches upon securing networks.

Included within the computer networking program, addressing colleges, supervised by the General Authority of Private Training affiliated to the General Corporation for Technical & Vocational Training, we find that trainees receive 1600 training hours, in addition to another 420 training hours received in the job market.

Graduates of the program are granted a diploma certificate in computer networking. It is equivalent to high education degrees issued by the technical colleges in the same specialty. It is expected that graduates may work in the fields connected with computer networking as a computer operator a registrar of information and as a technician of specifications and criteria.

General Objective of the Program:

The program aims at providing female trainees with skills and information essential for practicing work in the field of computer networking, commensurable with the fourth level of the national qualifications system.

Detailed Objectives of the Program

At the end of the program, female trainees shall be able to:

  • Assemble a computer system.
  • Participate in works related to computer networking.
  • Designing computer networks.
  • Devising a working plan for implementing a computer network.
  • Monitoring performance of computer networks.
  • Offering technical services for works related to computer networks.
  • Insuring continual operations of the computer networks.
  • Using specialized terms connected with computer networks.

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